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Result of Uploading Pics @ For Girls Specially

Is Your Value and Status is worse than a prostitute ?????
I'm sorry for my words,but I speak truth,so i hav to say.becoz a prostitute care for her security.

Unfortunatly I found these pics in a Website,there they show these girls as prostitute.
All these Girls are Muslims and Maximum is from PAKISTAN !
so,Again same Question :
Is Your Value and Status is more worse than a prostitute ?

Prostitute don't upload/show there own pics for security reasons.
and You ?

Few Girls thinks If the picture contain Nudity then It will be bad and create bad Effect else its ok....

If you think this then let me tell you few facts.
Any Part of Your body tease a man,if he think @ wow You have very good figure.

Congrats,you Earned SINS.

There are many websites who use your pictures to Earn Money,Yes,they upload your pics,then they display Add on those pages.Users visit to see your pics,and they earned money.

think,A prostitute don't uploading own pics due to security reasons.but You don't have any problem.specially Muslim girls.?

Now you may think @ huh ,What is problem with these pics,no nudity !

huh,then read below note ! you will know What kind of cmnts these kind of pics receive.

after reading,think,Did you earned Sins.???

I found few days back,A facebook girl pic in some site,they r too displaying her as prostitute.when i informed her,then she.......i don't know What shuld i call such girls who don't care for there own status,modesty.

but DO YOU CARE ???? if yes,then remove ur online pics soon as possible.
Free Tip @ Once your picture is online,you can't stop gaining sins.

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