Wednesday, June 9, 2010


step of invasion and metastasize in malignant tumor cell:

1) detachment of tumor cell from each other 
2)attachment of tumor cell to matrix component
3)degradation of extracellular matrix
4)migration of tumor cell....

from above stage of metastasize,we can conclude that to let Islam spread among ummah:

1)firstly we have to be strong as malignant tumor.

2)secondly, we cannot just sit inside the capsule like benign tumour..we have increase our knowledge about Islam by joining any usrah or participating in daurah,camp or any event related to Islam.we also have to improve our relationship with Allah by following what we can or can't do.he also must practice sunnah of our beloved prophet Rasulullah.

3)thirdly, we have to detach from each other.that's mean,we cannot only socialize among ourselves or among our friends that already know and understand well about Islam.we have to become near to anyone else in order to teach them about Islam and make their lifestyle towards Islam.

4)we must have organisation of action, we must have exact step by step to reach our aim...

5)the last one, we must always remember that the malignant tumour can kill  persons although they have good immune system...

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